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This Rebel Mom Photographed The Birth Of Her Own Son And The Photos Are Incredible

Thanks to the internet we’ve seen some incredible birth photos in recent years, but never Read more

50% Of America Thinks All Women Should Be Required By Law To Take Their Husband’s Last Name And Here Is Why

A telephone survey in 2016 found that 70% of the U.S. population think all women Read more

A Wannabe Mom Was Heartbroken After The Doctor Told Her She`s Too Fat For IVF

Tasha Frampton and her husband Ross tried to have a baby for more than six Read more

15-Year-Old Schoolgirl Who Was Bullied And Gang Raped Left This Heartbreaking Letter Before Taking Her Own Life

Cassidy Trevan from  Melbourne, Australia was bullied and gang raped when she was just 13 Read more

Policewoman Saves an Abandon Starving Baby and Starts Breastfeeding to Keep It Alive

With her recent act of kindness Police Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea is making headlines all Read more

These Illustrations Uncover The Flip-flopping, Double Standards Women Face Every Single Day

First of all, it’s completely absurd that even now, in 2107, women do not feel Read more

School Officials Cover Up An Attack On 9-Year-Olg Girl Calling Her Battered Face “An Accident”

A 9-year-old girl from Alabama was allegedly attacked by a bully in her school and Read more

People Are Pissed Over Ivanka Trump`s Oval Office Photoshoot! Are You?

This week, the President`s daughter , Ivanka, sparked a massive outrage when she posted a Read more

According To Science This Is The Best Age For Motherhood

Raising your child is a beautiful and amazing journey filled with precious moments of joy Read more

This Dad`s Brutally Honest Post Is Encouraging Other Men To Become Their Wives’ “Dream Husband”

When Avid Climber posted this candid photo of his baby resting on his chest while Read more

Adele Broke Her Grammy In Half On Stage And Gave One Piece to Beyoncé

At this year`s award ceremony Adele broke her Grammy for Album of The Year and Read more

More People Should Be Aware About What Veterans Are Doing Right Now At Standing Rock

Once again military veterans are redeploying to Standing Rock`s frontline after President Trump gave the Read more

A Great Selection Of Words Of Wisdom That Every Woman Can Relate To

We hope that you don`t take any of these sayings too seriously, although some of Read more

Playboy Model Mom Posts an “Inappropriate and Shameful” Video With Her Son and Gets Blasted

EBelén Rodríguez is a former Playboy model and she`s no stranger when it comes to Read more

J. K. Rowling`s 12 Most Brutal Comebacks on Social Media

No doubt J. K. Rowling has the magical touch when it comes to writing, so Read more

ISIS Puts $1Miilion Bounty On a 23-Year-Old Student Who Killed 100 Of Their Militants

How did a 23-year-old student from Denmark ended up with a $1million bounty on her Read more

If You Hate Cheesy Love Crap, Take A Look At These 12 Honest Valentine’s Day Cards

With Valentine`s day approaching some of you may look for an easy way out and Read more

Europe is Trolling Trump With “America First” Spoof Videos And They Are Funny As Hell

Donald Trump pledged to put “America First” and because most of the countries don`t want Read more

After Noticing This Tiny Detail a Flight Attended Saved A Teenage Girl From Being Sold As a Sex Slave

Thanks to her quick thinking, Shelia Frederick, a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines saved a Read more

Apparently Trump`s Team Can`t Figure Out How To Turn On The Lights in the White House

Unfortunately for all of us, this is no joke! President Trump’s administration is having a Read more

In Case You`ve Missed It, Watch The “Controversial” Super Bowl Ad That Crashed 84 Lumber’s Website

If you tried going to Journey84.com website the only thing  that you’ll be able to Read more

As You Would Imagine Trump and Obama`s First Super Bowls Look Totally Different And Here is The Proof

I`m sure there is no need for more evidence that President Trump and President Obama Read more

A Mom Gets The Best Revenge Ever, After Strangers In Line Called Her a Whale

Dianne Hoffmeye was standing in line at a local coffee shop in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, Read more

Take a Look At Beyonce`s Entire Maternity Photo Shoot Entitled “I Have Three Hearts”

So, did you really think it was only one photo? Brace yourselves…

Do You Know Why Most Moms Carry Babies On Their Left Side? It`s More Beautiful Than You Could Ever Imagine!

There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s instinct. After all, the basics of parenting, Read more

Trump’s #MuslimBan Forced People To Share Their Refugee Stories, And They Will Leave You Heartbroken

Last week Donald Trump signed the executive order banning people from Muslim-majority countries from entering Read more

George Takei`s 12 Most Brutal Comebacks On Social Media

Obviously, George Takei is a huge Star Trak icon, best known as Hikaru Sulu in Read more

Trump Supporters Are Boycotting Starbucks After CEO Howard Schultz Announced He Would Hire 10.000 Refugees

After Presidents Trump`s immigration ban shocked the world, Howard Schultz announced that his company will Read more

Barack Obama Breaks His Silence On Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban

It hasn`t been a week since the Former President left office, but he had no Read more

This PsBattle Of Donald Trump Struggling With a Pen Is Epic And So On Point

PsBattle (Photoshop Battle) is a forum where people have some fun with editing the original Read more