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8 Most Common” Reasons” That Prevent Women From Feeling Sexy

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There Are More Slaves Today Than At Any Other Time In History And These 5 Countries Are The Worst Offenders

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Can You Tell Why This Picture Sparked Such an Outrage Against Michelle Obama?

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Take a Look At This Heartwarming Video That Shows The Same Day From Mom`s And Kids Perspectives

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Women Hero Saves 50 Children After The Terrifying Explosion At Manchester Arena

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The Internet Can`t Get Enough Of These Beautiful Twins Born With Albinism

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These Sickening Text Messages Revel Exactly How It’s Like To Be In An Abusive Relationship

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Take a Look at This Mom`s Brilliant Response To a Woman Who Tried To Sell Her A Weight Loss Product

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Women Figured Out The Perfect Way To Troll Dudes And It`s More Simple Than You Think

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Mom Sends Amazing Letter to The Principal Who Punished Her Daughter For Violating The School’s Dress Code

Most schools have ridicules dress code enforcement rules that are unfair mostly towards girls, especially Read more

A Twenty-Four-Year-Old Refuses To Shave Her Beard For a Special Reason Even After Being Abused By Bullies

Alma Torres, age 24, from the Bronx, New York, decided to turn a very negative Read more

What`s That On Your Hoo-Ha? 4 Below-The-Belt Conditions You Need to Know About!

Being a woman isn`t easy, it calls for a lot more upkeep downstairs, but sometimes Read more

19-Year-Old Victim Of Gang Rape To Receive 200 Lashes And 6 Months In Jail For Speaking Out

No matter how bizarre it may sound, when in public, women in Saudi Arabia must Read more

Drunk Teen Raped And Laughed At By Four Man After Asking For Direction

A 16-year-old girl was allegedly attacked and raped by four strangers. She was drunk at Read more

After The Death of Her Son, Grieving Mom Discovers Text Messages On His Phone That Left Her In Complete Shock

Daniel Biggs was only 16-years-old when he decided to take his only life. He was Read more

18-Year-Old Invents Bra That Can Save Millions After He Almost Lost His Mom To Breast Cancer

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A Mom Is Lucky To Be Alive Due To Something Many Women Do Daily

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8 People Who Just Got Verbally Smashed For Being AH

1. The Person Who Looked Down On Others 2. The American 3. The Person Who Read more

All Women Between The Ages of 18-54 Should Read This. It`s Very Important!

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Women Writers Use Twitter to Perfectly Nail Everyday Sexism

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5 Scary Woman’s Health Issues Most Doctors Miss

1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome What is it? PCOS is the leading cause of infertility and Read more

A Woman Is In Custody For Setting Her Husband On Fire For Sexually Abusing Her 7-Year-Old Daughter

According to police reports, Tatanysha Hedman, age 40, poured gasoline on her husband while he Read more

Nordstrom Employee Kicked a Mom Out Of Their Bathroom For Breastfeeding a Baby… IN PRIVATE!

Every day the media is full of stories about moms being asked to cover up Read more

A Woman Finds Unexplained Bumps And Bruises After Being Attacked By a Group of Migrants

One year after allegedly being attacked by a group of men, Chelsey Wright, a mother Read more

A Mother of Three Emails School To Let Them Know Her Daughter Won`t Be Doing Homework Anymore

These days, kids have less free time because their school workload keeps getting bigger. So, Read more

A Famous Model Posted This Photo On Instagram Only To Receive Hundreds Of Negative Comments

All new moms are often bombarded with tons of advices, unsanctioned tips and criticism.  Chontel Read more

Aeroflot Public Council Says Plane Passengers ONLY Want Thin And Attractive Flight Attendants

A week ago, two flight attendants filed a suit against Russian airline Aeroflot for age Read more

4 Photos Was All It Took For One Girl to Shut Down Every Body Shamer On The Planet

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Alicia Keys Claims She Knows How a “Real” Body Looks Like And People Found It Offensive

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