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Instead on Searching to Become Someone’s Wife You Should Focus on Your Life

2 When you reach the age of 25 you`ll start noticing a lot of changes on Read more

Outrage! Picture of Two Egyptian Children Engaged to Be Married Trigger the Internet`s Outcry, Again!

While celebrating his oldest son`s lavish wedding, Nasser Hassan didn`t see anything wrong by also Read more


How Do Homeless Women Deal With Their Periods?

Homeless people have to cope with desperate situations while living on the streets. But if Read more


Playboy Model Forced to Apologize After Body Shaming a Naked Women in the Gym

Dani Mathers, a playboy model crowed Playmate of the Year 2015, sparked outrage after body Read more


Ex-NBA Star Blasts a Woman on Social Media For Not Letting Him Sit Next to Her on a Train

The best way to find an empty seat on a train is to start looking Read more


Here is the Perfect Way To Explain Consent to All Men Who Don`t Get It

You might think that “No Means No” is a very simple concept for men to Read more


My Brother Told My Parents That I`m a Lesbian So I Stole His Girlfriend

16 Brilliant Lesbian Coming Out Confessions


The Location of an Acne Breakout On Your Body Could Explain the Cause

Sooner or later we all have to deal with the so-called adolescent teenagers plague. The Read more


A Man Almost Died On A Plane Because The Crew Was Extremely Skeptical That a Black Woman Was a Doctor

Tamika Cross, a Houston OBGYN Dr., was on board of a plane flying out of Read more


This is How Painful Donald Trump’s Words Look Like On Women`s Bodies

Some of Trump`s words (especially those caught on tape) are guidelines for rape culture and Read more

Sia Accidentally Revealed Her Face During a Windy Concert and This is What She Looks Like

cover-sia I`m sure you`ve all watched the videos of Sia`s popular tracks like Elastic Heart or Read more

Hillary Clinton Will Allow Abortion Doctors to “Rip Baby Out of Womb” Just One Day Before Birth!?

Abortion was probably the flash point in the third and final presidential debate. When things Read more


People on the Internet Are Practically Begging Michelle Obama to Run for President, and We Like It!

In our opinion, it was the first Lady Michelle Obama, who delivered the most important Read more


With Tumblr Drawings Against Gender Stereotypes

France Corbel, a 21-year old French artist is using unpleasant sexual comments from her past Read more


Did the U.S. Just Bombed and Went To War With a New Country Without Anyone Noticing?

Since March 2015 Yemen has been devastated by civil war. So far, more than 6.800 Read more


Is Something Wrong With This Picture of a Father and His Son?

As parents, we will do anything to help our children when they are not feeling Read more


14 Unique Comic Strips Showing How Hard It Is to Be a Woman

Sarah Andersen is a very talented illustrator and cartoonist that has found a very creative Read more


A Career “Advice” For Women From Trump JR. “If you Can`t Handle Harassment You Don`t Belong in the Workplace

We all know that gender-based harassment,( sexual and non-sexual) is against the law in the Read more


Mom Sues Hospital and Gets $16 Million Because A Nurse Pushed Her Baby Back In During Birth

Caroline Malatesta  and her family were awarded $16 million in a lawsuit that she won Read more


A Bank Humiliated This Woman By Not Cashing Her Check Because They Didn’t Believe She Is an Architect

Trish Doolin found herself in disbelieve when an employee at her local KeyBank in Kirkland, Read more

Cop Pulls Over a Terrified Young African-American Teen and Gives Him a “Talk” to Remember

cover These last few weeks we are all witnesses to several shootings and attacks targeting cops Read more

10 Simple Things Women Were Not Permitted to Do Back in the `50s and `60s

The things that our mothers and grandmother had to endure, the oppression they had to Read more


A Syrian Mother is Marvel`s and ABC News New Hero

Madaya Mom is the new superhero in Marvel`s long line of extraordinary people with super Read more


Tweets From a 7-Year-Old Girl Offer an Inside View Into Syria’s Overlooked Tragedy

Bana al-Abed is using Twitter to spread the word about the outgoing tragedy in Syria. Read more


10 Crucial Features of the Education System in Japan That Made This Country The Envy of the World

What makes Japan, so unique and different from the rest of the world and why Read more


4 Major Women`s Issues That Haven`t Changed For a 100 Years

They are as relevant now, as they have been more than a 100 years ago. Read more


Making Ends Meet.11 Photos That Show The Reality of Working in Small Town Strip Clubs

Powerful photos that reveal a non-judgmental window into a world that`s still surrounded by stigma Read more


20 Ways To Wear Your Feminism on a Sleeve, Literary

I think it`s time you bring a whole new meaning to your wardrobe and let Read more


The New York Times Just Released Another Bombshell Against Donald Trump!

In light of the leaked tape where we can clearly hear Donald Trump making repulsing Read more


Is Seems Like When It Comes to Appearance, Women Simply Can’t Win

Women should wear a dress, but not one that shows cleavage and they can`t opt Read more