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Thanks to The Republicans, Internet Providers Can Now Sell Your Online History For Profit

The mighty Republicans in Congress, supported by President Trump’s Oval Office, repealed President Obama`s Communications Read more

Man Beats His Girlfriend Senseless For Hours And Officials Are Outraged At His Excuse

According to Daily Mail, James McCourt, a 19-year-old man from Scotland was sentenced to 21 Read more

According to a Male Republican Lawmaker Rape and Incest Are The “Will of God”

According to Huffington Post a male anti-abortion lawmaker has suggested that incest and rape are Read more

A Muslim Woman Starts Screaming And Verbally Attacks A Man For Wearing This Shirt (Video)

A Muslim Woman was filmed on camera, literally losing her mind and screaming at a Read more

Trump`s Family Photo Sparks Massive Outrage! Look Closer And You’ll See Why

Since (and probably way before) Donald Trump took office, he has faced his share of Read more

No Big Deal, Just The Fate Of Women’s Health Care Being Decided By a Bunch Of Men

A few days ago, President Trump called a meeting with the House Freedom Caucus in Read more

“Marines United” Are Reportedly Still Sharing Nude Photos Of Active Female Military Members

The Defense Department is investigation a Facebook group called “Marines United” for sharing thousands of Read more

A Former U.S. Marine Shares Hundreds Of Nude Photos Of Female Marines To Show They Don`t Belong In The Military

A former U.S. Marine reportedly shared hundreds of explicit photos of active female marines in Read more

This Viral Photo of Ivanka Trump and Angela Merkel Is Raising Some Serious Eyebrows! Can You Spot Why?

As you know last week, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor had an “interesting” meeting with Read more

A Man From Indiana Tricks Racists To Pay For His African Vacation

Larry Mitchell had enough from people telling him to “Go back to Africa,” so he`s Read more

Dad Pimps Out His Own Daughter at Truck Stops as Punishment

A dad from Texas has been convicted for forcing his 16-year-old daughter to become a Read more

This is How A Woman Would’ve Handled That BBC Interview That Went Viral

After the backlash comes the spoof. Many of you have already seen Robert Kelly`s BBC Read more

Woman Gets Punched In the Face for Confronting Teenagers Torturing a Baby Seal

She is our new hero, the 25-year-old Sarah Tough who had enough courage to step Read more

She Secretly Sold The House To Get Revenge On Cheating Husband

When the 42-year-old Laura Arnold from Warwickshire, England, found out that her husband plans to Read more

14 Unusual Facts About the Female Body That Even Women Don`t Know

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12 Bada$$ Women That Changed The World As We Know It

If we look back throughout history, we`ll see many strong women who had to rise Read more

Nike Hijab Faces Media Backlash For “Cashing in on the Subjugation, Domination and Oppression of Women!”

The Nike Pro Hijab has been in the making for quite some time now and Read more

A Brave Jogger Fought Off a Mid-Run Assault and Her Running App Recorded the Whole Thing

Seems like she put up a hell of a fight! Kelly Herron, age 36, was Read more

This Viral Video Made Millions Smile But Why Did So Many People Assume His Wife Was The Help?

Since going viral last week, this video has been viewed minions of times. It shows  Read more

People Lost Their Minds When J.K. Rowling Tweeted About An International Men`s Day

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to do something right, some people will never Read more

This Photo Of a Man Humping A Statue That`s Meant to Empower Women Proves We Still Have A Long Way to Go

I`m sure you are all familiar with the Fearless Girl statue that`s starring down the Read more

These Old Sexist Ads And Trump’s Comments About Women Are The “Perfect” Pair

I`m sure none of you are surprised that President`s Trump comments and these old sexist Read more

What If We Had An All-Female Government And Treated Men Like They Treat Women?

The US government, like many other governments in the world is dominated by men. This Read more

This Woman`s Twitter Photo Shows a Symptom of Thyroid Cancer She Completely Failed To See!

I can`t imagine how big of a shock it was when the 26-year-old Lorna Nickson Read more

Iceland Just Came Up With A Plan That Guarantees Equal Pay For Women

Iceland planes to make history by requiring from all employers  to prove and  guarantee an Read more

13-Year-Old Girl Is Forced By Her Father To Marry A Disabled Man For The Most Despicable Reason!

The reason why this “father” forced his daughter to marry a 36-year-old disabled man, was Read more

Mom Fires Back at Bump Shamers for Saying She Looks “Huge” 26 Weeks Pregnant

Meet Revie Jane Schulz, an Instagram fitness model. As you can see she was in Read more

10 Everyday Things Women in U.S. Weren`t Allowed To Do Back in the `50s and `60s

During the suffrage movement, (and long before that) women have worked very hard to earn Read more

Samuel L. Jackson Shreds Ben Carson For Thinking That Immigrants And Slaves Are The Same Thing

Dr. Ben Carson had his five minutes of fame as a candidate for the 2016 Read more

Supergirl and Power Girl Got Married And Their Wedding Looks Like It Has Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales

Carina and Soerine (also known as Supergirl and Power girl) are two excellent female cosplayers Read more