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Two Husbands Set Out To Prove That “Women Exaggerate Everything” By Hooking Themselves to Labor Pain Simulators! Her is What Happened Next…

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Andy Murray Post-Game Interview Goes Viral After He Refused to Allow “Sexual Sexism”

A few days ago, Andy Murray, a British tennis player (currently ranked as the no. Read more

Woman Claims American Airlines Made Her Sit Next To a “Ma$turbating Men” And Attendants Did Nothing To Help Her

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10 Quick-Witted Put-Downs To Tedious Pickup Attempts

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Mom Blogger Sees Nothing Wrong In Swearing In Front Of Her Kids – Do You?

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Can You Spot Anything Wrong With This Picture Of Obama Holding a Baby? Take a Closer Look…

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3 Years Ago She Asked Twitter For A Wedding Date, But Little Did She Know That Her Life Will Never Be The Same Again

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This Woman Went Into Full Savage Mode After A Cheating Husband Sent Her Some Inappropriate Text Messages

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An Employee Was Shocked By Her Bosses` Response After She Asked For A Mental Health Day Off

Madalyn Parker is a web developer who recently took some days off because she felt Read more

This Common Habit Can KILL You And This Woman`s Honest Selfie Proves It

Tammy Dzierzek, age 27 was doing something many of us can relate to, something that Read more

Forced Child Marriage Is Still Legal And One Of The Most Ignored Problems In The U.S.

Most people in the U.S. don`t hear the phrase “child marriage” too often because it`s Read more

New York Just Banned Something You Thought Was Already Against The Law, In Order To Protect Children From Sexual Abuse

A couple of weeks ago Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill making all marriages of Read more

People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Magical Underwater Maternity Shoot

Seems like maternity shoots are getting crazier as the years go by and this latest Read more

24 Hilarious Tweets That Will Make Any Woman Piss Herself Laughing

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The “Queen Of The Dark” Was Told To Bleach Her Dark Skin, But Look At Her Now!

This Sudanese model is teaching people not to be afraid of the dark after she Read more

Women Scientist Tweet “Sexy” Work Photos In Response to Nobel Prize Winner Who Shocked The World With Sexist Statements

Sir Tim Hunt, a Nobel prizewinning biochemist shocked the world with his outrageous comments about Read more

Mother Of Four Dies After Using Several Weight Loss Products She Found On The Internet

Linda Baranowski left her husband and four children behind after she took some weight loss Read more

Twitter Has A New Hero After This Woman Humiliated The Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Her

It`s very obvious that grabbing random women at bars (or at any other place) without Read more

All This Time You`ve Been Carrying Car Seats The Wrong Way. This Is How It`s Done!

Believe you me, your back will thank us! Walking around with your baby in an Read more

New Jersey Mom Shares Her Son`s CRAZY Hospital Bills To Show The True Face Of Trumpcare

Trumpcare is just around the corner and already many Americans are afraid that their health Read more

How The Average Number Of Sexual Partners In The U.S. Compares To The Rest Of The World

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Dad Puts His Toddler On A Leash And Has A Perfectly Good Explanation, Or Does He Really?

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A Girl On Tweeter Emerges With 11 Brutally Honest Facts About Rape And We Couldn’t Agree More

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6 Cheaters Who Received Instant Karma After Getting Caught

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Photographer Brilliantly Captures Male Entitlement Most Women Face In Their Day-To-Day Lives

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Here Are Some Crazy Sword-In-The Dress Memes Inspired By Wonder Woman

Photos of women and girls with a sword tucked down the back of their dress Read more

A 19-Year-Old Girl Has Put Up Her Virginity For Sale For An Insane Chunk Of Money

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18 Hilariously Brutal Comebacks From Feminists

#1. When Somebody Gets Enlightened #2. Well, No One Asked For Your Opinion #3. Again, Read more

Women Can Have Multiple Husbands, And Yes This Marriage Practice Is Real

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7 Fashion Secrets We Need to Steal From French Women

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