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Take A Look How Newspapers Around The Globe Have Depicted President Trump

When last year Donald Trump won the election, publications around the globe published a number Read more

A Mother of Three Emails School To Let Them Know Her Daughter Won`t Be Doing Homework Anymore

These days, kids have less free time because their school workload keeps getting bigger. So, Read more

A Famous Model Posted This Photo On Instagram Only To Receive Hundreds Of Negative Comments

All new moms are often bombarded with tons of advices, unwanted tips and sometimes criticism. Read more

Aeroflot Public Council Says Plane Passengers ONLY Want Thin And Attractive Flight Attendants

A week ago, two flight attendants filed a suit against Russian airline Aeroflot for age Read more

Women Use Witchcraft And These 9 Comic Strips Prove It

Women are mysterious creatures that use magic because they tend to alter everything around them. Read more

4 Photos Was All It Took For One Girl to Shut Down Every Body Shamer On The Planet

The internet is where people full of opinions live and sometimes they confuse their own Read more

Alicia Keys Claims She Knows How a “Real” Body Looks Like And People Found It Offensive

What was Alicia thinking? I`m sure she was going for a motivational picture and sending Read more

16 Women Confess The Hottest Thing A Guy Has Ever Said To Them

1. Sara, age 24 Finally, after a couple of  months of flirting, waiting and buildup, Read more

4 Mental Illnesses That Affect Women More Than Men

Mental health should be taken very seriously, regardless of gender, but certain health issues affect Read more

18 Pictures That Testify Just How Far Out Hippies Were Back In The Day

More picture on page 2…

According to People Magazine, Julia Roberts is “The Most Beautiful Woman in The World” and That Made The Internet Very Angry

Julia Robert is People Magazine “favorite pretty woman” because she has already won the title Read more

10 Most Useful Health Tips For Women You`ll Ever Read!

In this time and age doctor visits are getting shorter and it`s very easy to Read more

Here is How Love Looks Like Before And After 30

Celebrating your 30th birthday can be a bit scary because many believe its a psychological Read more

Top 10 Leading Causes of Death Among Females

In 2004 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control published a report describing the top 10 Read more

Her Job Interview Got Canceled Because She Asked One Simple Question

It`s always stressful with job interviews and things can get really awkward really quick, but Read more

The Sad Alleged Reason Why Tom Cruise Won’t See His Daughter Suri Anymore

The Church of Scientology allegedly convinced Tom Cruise that his daughter Suri is possessed. Since Read more

A Fitness Blogger Didn`t Shave Her Body For 1 Year Because She Had Something to Prove

Morgan Mikenas saved a fortune in razors a had more free time than the rest Read more

These Men Destroy Serious Gender Stereotype With Their Lower Halves

Becoming a mermaid is often seen as a “female” fantasy, but as it turns out Read more

Finally, After 50 Years Frida Kahlo`s Hidden Wardrobe Is Unlocked For Everyone To See

Frida Kahlo has left a significant mark on the world with her art, free expression Read more

White Supremacist Gets Caught on Video Punching a Woman in the Face at the Berkeley Riots!

This Saturday protest in Berkley, California turned sour when 2 groups of demonstrators (anti and Read more

Top 10 Parenting Mistakes Even The Best Moms Make!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran mom or a new one, keeping up with Read more

Have You Ever Wondered How Our Life Would Be Like Without Lies?

Hiding the truth is what we do. Sometimes we lie just not to offend  someone Read more

This Is What Your Period Has To Say About Your Health

I know there is a so-called normal menstrual cycle, but in reality, it’s all based Read more

Why The Hell Do Korean Parents Want and Pay For Their Kids To Get Plastic Surgery

I`m guessing that a lot of you didn`t know that South Korea is considered to Read more

I Wish All Of Us Are As Bada$$ As This Woman Smiling Down At A Far-Right Protester

In response to Westminster attack a large group of far-right English Defense League held a Read more

The “D*ck Click” Will Revolutionize The Birth Control Game

A German Company plans to take on the male contraceptive market by introducing a product Read more

A French Artist Perfectly Captures the Hidden Side of Women That Our Society Doesn’t Want You to See

Women come in all glorious shapes and sizes and each one is beautiful and unique. Read more

A 16-Year-Old Was Asked To Send Nudes, But She Sent Him This Instead…

If you have the nerve to ask someone to send you nude pictures than you Read more

Check Out These Viral Photos Of A U.S. Soldier Who Took His Boyfriend To Army Prom

Max Emerson, a famous model, filmmaker and a YouTube personality attend the West Point Military Read more

We Finally Know Why This Teenage Girl Was Beaten To Death By Bullies in The School Bathroom

Almost a year ago Amy Inita Joyner-Francis, age 16, was attacked by bullies at Howard Read more