13-Year-Old Girl Is Forced By Her Father To Marry A Disabled Man For The Most Despicable Reason!

13-Year-Old Girl Is Forced By Her Father To Marry A Disabled Man For The Most Despicable Reason!

The reason why this “father” forced his daughter to marry a 36-year-old disabled man, was so he can take the man`s sister as his second wife, hoping she would bear him a son!

Wazir Ahmed proposed this exchange because his first wife, the mother of his daughter Saima, solely bore him girls when all he wanted was a son.

On the other hand Sabeel (Wazir second wife) wanted someone to take care of Mohammad, her disabled brother. Basically, they`ve arranged a bride for a bride deal, believing that it was their right to give a girl from their family so they can take one from another family.

In these strongly conservative parts of Pakistan exchanging women is an everyday practice called “Watta Satta” meaning give and take.

A father can also give his daughter to another family to settle debts or fights between them. Also, there are cases when girls are forced to marry their cousins to keep them dowry within the family.

Based on their religion of Islam, Pakistani men believe they can arrange marriages for their daughters as soon as puberty.

Saima, obviously afraid of her father, accepts her faith, saying that he has the right to choose when and whom she is going to marry. She even believes that her father fell in love with the other girl, Sabeel, and that`s why he decided to exchange her.

To make things even worse, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, if an exchange isn`t accomplished, the father believes he has failed his religion by not fulfilling his obligation and requirements.

The fact that in this case Saima, his daughter, is 3 times younger than Mohammad, isn`t relevant at all.

The legal marrying age in this part of the world is 16 years old.

This is truly despicable and something has to be done here, share your thoughts and comments below!


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