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15-Year-Old Girl Gets Groped On Plane – Airline Blames Her For Wearing “Extremely Short Shorts”

15-Year-Old Girl Gets Groped On Plane – Airline Blames Her For Wearing “Extremely Short Shorts”

If you haven’t been living under the rock in the past few days, you must have heard about reports of sexual assault and harassment all over the world.

Even though the society is trying to deal with these claims and figure out how to sort them out, not all complains are being received with sympathetic tone by the public.

During a flight from LA to Sydney back in 2014, when then-15-year-old Chelsea Schiffel was on board with her 42-old mother, an elderly male passenger touched her breasts twice while her mother had gotten up from her seat to speak to a family member who was seated in the back of the airplane.

Chelsea told her mother what happened, and she immediately reported the inappropriate touching to the airplane staff.

The airline refused to change the seats of the mother and the daughter, and they were told to get back to their seats.

Chelsea went public with her allegation, and later received a letter from United Airlines saying:

“The flight attendants and passengers also stated that you and your daughter were allowed to move to other seats several times, that Chelsea repeatedly moved in and out of her seat, crawling over the other customer who was attempting to sleep, and that your daughter wore extremely short shorts.”

In the end, United Airlines told them that they provided not enough evidence of the matter.

The reply from United Airlines was inappropriate, not only for Chelsea but for many others who have read the letter.

According to the airline officials, Chelsea’s clothes were to blame for the touching, which clearly, was not a popular statement.

Even though Chelsea’s case has been taken as different from the other countless other alleged harassments, it was completely unnecessary and rather rude to mention the choice of her clothing in the explanation letter, which indicates the problematic viewpoint.

Legal actions have been taken against United Airlines by the family, but because of the lack of evidence, their goal has been unsuccessful. The story has gone viral since then and serves as an example of the kind of treatment women can undergo when they report sexual assault.

Maybe Chelsea will not get justice for the alleged harassment, she has now become a part of the numberless women at the front of the growing movement that does not plan on slowing down.

People have described their experiences with sexual misconduct in the #MeToo movement, and the effects it left later in their lives, and it has become a global conversation where women and men who have been a victim of sexual harassment know that they are not alone.

Nobody should suffer from sexual harassment, and hopefully, as people continue to talk about this issue, this sort of behaviour will become more and more unacceptable in society.

Let us hope that, one day, stories like Chelsea’s will be a thing of the past.

The clothes and looks of someone should not be the reason for them to be a victim of sexual misconduct. Hopefully, this sort of behaviour will most certainly become more unacceptable in our society, as people continue to talk about this subject.

Stories like Chelsea’s will hopefully become a thing of the past!


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