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19-Year-Old Victim Of Gang Rape To Receive 200 Lashes And 6 Months In Jail For Speaking Out

19-Year-Old Victim Of Gang Rape To Receive 200 Lashes And 6 Months In Jail For Speaking Out

No matter how bizarre it may sound, when in public, women in Saudi Arabia must be accompanied by a male guardian, typically by a family member. A 19-year-old girl violated this Saudi Arabia`s rigid Islamic Sharia law by meeting a friend in public without an escort.

Soon after that, the same girl fell victim to gang rape and was sentenced to six months in jail and 200 lashes for speaking to the press and committing a crime of indecency. It all started when she went to see a male friend and got into his car to retrieve her picture. Then, two other men got into their car and drove them both to a secluded area where her friend was physically attacked and she was raped by seven men.

By upholding this decision the Saudi General Court and the country itself triggered an international outcry.

Jose Verger, a Canadian minister has described this sentence as “barbaric ” and plans to file a complaint to the Saudi`s authorities.

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Saudi Arabia should be bombed like Iraq, libya, and Afghanistan.

Dion Trevarthen

The ‘developed’ countries justify their military style of control on the supposed superiority of their customs and way of life. I see nothing wrong with the objections raised to providing extremely expensive and high tech killing equipment to so called nations that support human rights abuses in their laws. Having said that, I do not believe that the u.s.a. can claim to be some sort of guardian of morals or civilisation internationally. Their crimes against their own population, the populations of other countries and against nature are just too great. The insistence of the u.s. on domination through unfair ‘trade’ backed by threats of force is part of what makes the world so dangerous these days. As well as supporting horrific treatment of women, Saudi Arabia is seen as the centre of a religion and culture that has historically had a high level of education and influence in the world. You must have heard about Arabic numerals at least. There is plenty of brutality half hidden and tolerated in the middle of wealthy and advanced societies. Saudi Arabia is just one case of this.

Dion Trevarthen

They have been put in the dark ages by centuries of domination by the ‘christian’ world. In the bigger picture, war is always an act of self harm and holds back progress for both sides.


Sicko…. those are idiots who set such law. May the sis. , daughters suffer such fate.

I really don’t agree with the way this women was handled but one had to look at the context. She knows the laws and what was she doing in a vehicle with a male friend . One cannot look at this from a Eurocentric point of view but rather in context of that specific country . It’s simple you go to a country follow their laws don’t expect them to see it from your countries mindset and law. I feel for her but at the same time she broke the laws of her country.

I completely agree with you. I feel for her and think those boys should be punished too. However, for example, it is illegal here to steal. If you steal, and you get sentenced to 1 year in jail, it is unfortunate you have to go to jail, but you knew the law and broke it. If the person you stole from happens to kick your butt before you get arrested, yes, it is horrible you got beat up, but you shouldn’t have broke the law and it would have never happened. Every culture has its own laws for different reasons, but mainly to protect its citizens. A girl in a car with a strange male in Saudi Arabia is the equivalent of me going by myself at night to the projects and expecting to be safe. She knew better. She didn’t deserve what happened, no-one does, but she should’ve know better and obeyed the law.

Dats a crap law coz she was not asked to.get raped. so y punish her the boys dat raped her shud get punishment

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