3 Fun Tests: What You See First Is A Reflection Of Your Personality And Current Situation

3 Fun Tests: What You See First Is A Reflection Of Your Personality And Current Situation

Personality tests can be very exciting, but above else they are a great way to have some fun.

Before reading the text make sure you look closely at the picture first, decide what you saw first and then read what it says about your personality. Like we said, this is a fun way to past the time and who knows, maybe you’ll discover something about your current state of mind and perception of life.

A Car

If the first thing you saw was a car than freedom is essential for you and above else you want to move through life at your own pace. The car is also a reflection of your ability to deeply analyze any situation and go into details.

Just remember to look at the bigger picture from time to time.

A Man With Binoculars

Seeing a man with binoculars first means you always tend to focus on the big picture first and you are more likely to absorb information quickly instead of thinking it through.
The Letter “A”

Spotting the letter A is probably the hardest, but if you`re among the first to see it, than you`re gifted with a rare ability to see things others can`t. This also means that you are very intuitive as a person and you often think outside the box.


If you saw a girl first (and because the girl in the picture is looking upwards), than you`re a very positive person that has an infections positive personality that affects the people around you. It also means that you`re confident , independent and in touch with your inner self.


Seeing a guy first means you`re a romantic person that tends to strongly connect with the person you love. The guy also represents healthy changes that are about to happen in your life really soon.


It`s very likely you saw the crocodile first which means you`re a practical person that doesn’t want to take too many risks in life. You tend to focus more on the negative things instead on the positive. Just try to relax more and simply enjoy life.

A Boat

If the boat was the first things you saw, it means you have an eye for details and nothing can run past you without being notices. This also means that you have a creative side and you`re good at finding creative solutions to your problems.



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