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A 3 Year-Old-Girl Falls Victim to a Vicious Racist Attack at Disney Event

A 3 Year-Old-Girl Falls Victim to a Vicious Racist Attack at Disney Event

Does racial discrimination still exist?

No matter how hard the world has been trying to stop racial discrimination, it still appears here and there, from time to time.
This story is probably not the only one but it deserves attention.
Unfortunately, this time the subject of racial discrimination is a three-year-old Aboriginal girl.
Samara was taken by her mother at Watergardens shopping centre in Taylors Lakes for a Disney-themed event. All the kids were dressed like their favorite heroes from cartoons and animated films.

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Yessica Jimenez

Man i don’t know what i would do if anyone talked to my child like that.
I’m infuriated.

“Vicious … attack” is a bit inflammatory. You make it sound like she was bludgeoned.

I am just curious as to why she called the shopping center. They are not the ones who acted in such a rude manner. They were holding the event for all of the children. I get that she wanted to make this known, but the management shouldn’t have to apologize. The little girl is beautiful, and she should not have been introduced to such hatred. I also believe that the title was a bit overly violent. It could have stated something like “3 year old is victim to hateful racist remarks.”

She was ‘bludgeoned’ albeit verbally!
To (almost) quote Forest Gump: Ugly is as ugly says. That little girl is beautiful!!!

Truly a sick thing to do. What is wrong with that woman (not a lady for sure!)? And she is teaching such hate to her children…. wow….

Yes it was wrong, it was terrible, but it was not a VICIOUS attack. The media needs to start reporting with accuracy. We have enough exaggerated crap already. And making something more than it should be just gets people stirred up. I know that stirred up people make more news for you to report, but isn’t it time to take some responsibility for causing more problems?

Donald Eric Kesler

This is not a story. An individual minding their own business encountered a racist individual. That’s unfortunate, but it is hardly newsworthy.

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