4 Mental Illnesses That Affect Women More Than Men

4 Mental Illnesses That Affect Women More Than Men

Mental health should be taken very seriously, regardless of gender, but certain health issues affect women more, due a mixture of biological factors. It`s imperative for all females to educate themselves on the gender-specific mental health risks.

Here are 4 mental health issues that affect women more than men.

1. Depression

12% of all women will experience depression at least once in their lifetime, which is twice as much when compared to men. There are many psychological, physical and social-cultural reasons for this.

First of all, women develop less serotonin, which is a feel -good chemical and they process it more slowly than men. Also, thanks to estrogen, women`s hormone levels fluctuate more than men`s, especially during menopause which affects mood more often. On the top of it all, women are more often under stress since they have to juggle too many different roles.

On the good side, women will most likely seek help and treatment more than man.

2. Anxiety

According to the are also twice as vulnerable to anxiety, panic disorder and certain phobias than men. And again, this is due the same unfortunate mix of socio-cultural and psychological reasons we`ve mentioned above.

Fortunately, there are many techniques that can help manage anxiety as long as you reach out and ask for help.

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