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7 Unhealthy Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Private Parts

7 Unhealthy Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Private Parts

When talking about health, most women think whether or not their vital organs are OK, completely ignoring the health of their vulva. Keeping your vulva healthy is not a difficult task; in fact all it takes is some proper hygiene, and paying attention to things like eating clean, wearing comfortable clothes, exercising and managing stress.

Here are 7 Unhealthy Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Private Parts:

1. Say Not to Douching

What this means is that you should never wash it with a mixture of vinegar and water. There are many products out there that contain fragrances and antiseptics that can be very harmful.

Most women practice douching to get rid of unpleasant odors, to clean up after periods, feel fresh, prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The truth is that in these cases douching is not beneficial at all. In fact, according to a study in Epidemiologic Reviews it`s very likely to be harmful and it`s often associated with bacterial vaginosis, ecurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

All you need is some warm water and a good old-fashioned proper wash.

2. Say No To Steaming

There is a new trend these days that involves women steaming their private parts at the spa. During the season they sit on special chairs not wearing any underwear with herbal-infused steam going directly to their vulva. Most spa centers promote this treatment as an advance way to improving female hygiene and balancing hormones. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good.

Steaming can hurt the sensitive skin and cause harm to your bladder and rectum. Furthermore steaming can disrupt the balance of the natural bacteria and increase the risk of yeast infection.

3. Say No To Tight Underwear

Always wear something you feel comfortable in and avoid tight underwear because it promotes chafing of the skin and can cause ingrown hairs and irritations which can be tricky to treat.

Also, wearing tight underwear allows for moisture and heat to build up around your private parts, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, exposing yourself to yeast infection. On top of that, tight underwear can lead to visible bulges.

Try to avoid synthetic and non-breathable fabrics like lace or polyester.

4. Say No To Piercing

Back in the days piercing your ears and then noses were considered a fashion accessory, but these days people pierce almost everything, genitals included. You should know that no matter where the piercing is done, it can cause nerve damage, severe pain and exposes your whole body to infection and skin irritation.

Piercing shops are usually safe, but none the less you expose yourself to a higher risk for tetanus, hepatitis C and B, HIV and other STDs.

5. Say No To Scented Soaps Or Perfumes

If you don`t like how your flower smells don`t use scented soaps or body sprays for pleasing fragrance. Using these kinds of products can lead to serious infections and irritations because they are filled with synthetic ingredients and other chemicals. Also, stay away from scented sprays and dryer sheets, deodorants and deodorizing wipes.

Plane lukewarm water is all you need to keep your vulva clean. If you like to use feminine washes, just keep in mind they are only for external use.

6. Say No To Petroleum Jelly As Lube

Many women think that petroleum jelly is a harmless and easy form of lubricant, but you should avoid putting some in your vulva. There are many downsides to using this product. First of all it`s not the best water-based lubricant, it`s not slippery enough which increases its chances of breaking or tearing a latex condom. Sometimes it becomes messy with time and more sticky leading to discomfort and pain.

In essence, using a petroleum jelly will throw off your pH balance, making you more susceptible to irritation or infection. If you need an extra lubrication speak with your doctor and I`m sure he/she can prescribe something according to your health issues.

7. Say No To Popping Pubic Acne

Although the most common place for an Acne breakout is the face, arms and neck, they can also appear in the pubic area.

I`m sure they are uncomfortable and even painful, but popping them is never a good idea. Puncturing the outer skin lets the pus oozes out along with all the bacteria in it. If it reaches your outer skin pores, it can lead to creating even more pimples. Also by breaking the acne you can force the bacteria and the debris even deeper into your skin resulting with inflammation, swelling and redness. At the end, one “harmless” pimple can leave a permanent scar.


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