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A Woman`s Place Is In The Kitchen And Men Belong At The Office! Wait….What?

A Woman`s Place Is In The Kitchen And Men Belong At The Office! Wait….What?

Do people still believe in the nonsense of men being seen as tough and strong, responsible for bringing home the bacon and working on cars, whereas women are fragile creatures and should only handle stuff like cooking, cleaning and raising kids?

Well, unfortunately, according to a study published in the scientific journal Psychology of Women Quarterly, they still do.

The results from this study have shown that gender stereotypes are alive and well. After the comparisment of data from 195 college students from 1983 and 191 adults in 2017 they were shocked to find out that things haven`t really changed in the past 30 years and now even more likely they believe that men avoid taking on “traditional” female roles like child-rearing and housekeeping.

You would think that the 2014 group is way over the gender stereotypes, but they still strongly believe that men are more likely to exhibit competitiveness, work as engineers and uphold the moral values, whereas women are more likely to exhibit kindness, tend to the household and work as nurses.

The most disappointing thing that the 2014 data has revealed is that women are more likely to believe in the stereotypes about female gender roles.

“People may perceive strong differences between men and women for two reasons. First, unconscious bias may distort the way in which people perceive and thus remember gender atypical behavior as more stereotypical that it actually was. Second, the genders may curtail cross gender behavior for fear that they may incur backlash that is typically directed at atypical men and women (e.g., wimpy men or powerful women).”

It turns out that many of us still uphold gender roles only out of fear of being ridiculed as not “feminine” or “manly” enough to blend in with the rest. We like to think that we`ve come far as a society, especially in our willingness to recognize the validity of both gender-nonconforming identities and transgender, but looks like we have a long way to go.


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