The Dos And Don’ts Of Keeping Your Lady Parts Healthy And Happy

The Dos And Don’ts Of Keeping Your Lady Parts Healthy And Happy

Did you know that your vulva has special powers and can do all sorts of neat tricks? For example, it can pop out a baby, it’s tough as nails, but it still needs TLC on the reg, because without it, your vulva can itch and burn and stink like a dead fish.

So, the question is how do you keep your lady parts in tip-top shape? Let`s these Do and Don`ts guide you!

DO: Wear cotton undies.
Cotton absorbs moisture, making it the ideal way to dress your hoo-ha. This is the excuse you`ve been waiting for to rock those granny panties you`ve always wanted.

DON`T: Lounge in your sweaty gym clothes.
Setting in your sweat could cause bacteria infestation.

DO: Exercise your vulva
It`s smart to add Kegels to your workout routine to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

BONUS: Kegels are crucial for stronger orgasms. Oh yeah!

DON`T: Go for a bike ride without using padding.
It could lead to labia numbness.

DO: Visit your gyno yearly
Getting tested for STDs and cancer is crucial.

DON`T: Overdo it on the antibiotics.
Antibiotics can kill off the same of the bacteria that keeps your vulva healthy.

DO: Snack on Greek yogurt.
It contains live cultures that boost good bacteria down below.

DON`T: Put food in your vulva.
I know that whipped cream might sound sexy, but yeast infections are not!

Follow these Do`s and Don`ts closely and your vulva will always be smiling. 🙂


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