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Drunk Teen Raped And Laughed At By Four Man After Asking For Direction

Drunk Teen Raped And Laughed At By Four Man After Asking For Direction

A 16-year-old girl was allegedly attacked and raped by four strangers. She was drunk at the time and was simply asking for directions. The girl was taken against her will to a room near a pizza restaurant owned by one of the attackers, where she was allegedly attacked by four men who “laughed as they put her through the ordeal.”

Fortunately, the police managed to track them down, three men and one teenager were arrested and charged with rape.

According to a statement by the  case prosecutor, Simon Taylor, the girl was drunk and walking home alone.

“The Crown’s case is that her drunkenness, youth and vulnerability would have been [recognized] by the defendants. And it was these factors that they took advantage of in the couple of hours that followed.”

Since she was drunk and due to the trauma experienced during the rape, she was unable to provide a detailed description, she does insist on not giving consent.

“Indeed, you may well conclude that she was too drunk to give any true consent to any sexual intercourse in any event. But what is clear is that each of the men took the opportunity to have a little ‘fun’ at her expense.”

After the ordeal she was taken by one of the men outside and left to roam the streets. A woman found her and took her into her home for safety.

According to one reader of Mad World News who left a comment on their site`s Facebook page, people are sick to their stomach from this kind of news and the girl`s life will never be the same “thanks” to these men. He also thinks that it’s time for some really stiff consequences or else these kind of crimes will continue to destroy Britain. Another wrote that the Muslim men who brutally raped that girl should have their privates removed without any pain killers so they can feel what it`s like.

Authorities often choose to censor information related to these gangs and their crimes, just to keep the liberal propagation of multiculturalism. There were even cases where the police refused to help victims and known offenders are back on the streets free of charge.


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