EVERY Anti-vaxxer Needs to See: Mom Urges Other Parents to Vaccinate Their Kids After Her Baby Was Hospitalized With a Horrific Disease - BuzzFanzine

EVERY Anti-vaxxer Needs to See: Mom Urges Other Parents to Vaccinate Their Kids After Her Baby Was Hospitalized With a Horrific Disease

EVERY Anti-vaxxer Needs to See: Mom Urges Other Parents to Vaccinate Their Kids After Her Baby Was Hospitalized With a Horrific Disease

A mother from Queensland, Australia wanted her voice to be heard by every parent in the world urging them to vaccinate their kids, after her little baby was hospitalized with chicken pox.

Kayley Burke shared photos on Facebook of her 11-month-old boy who was too young to be vaccinated, covered in horrific blisters and scabs from this terrible disease which also was the reason for a secondary infection in his tiny body.

Burke uploaded these photos in a single post on Facebook which so far has been shared over than 4.300 times.

In that same post she wrote the following:

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Baby Hospitalized With Horrific Disease


First, I hope the child recovers completely. It’s awful to see children suffering like this. However, two main points: (1) the problem is not people refusing to vaccinate. The varicella vaccine is LIVE. That means a vaccinated person can transmit it. See, e.g., measles virus can be transmitted FROM THE VACCINE STRAIN http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11858860/ (2) If the mother was immune to varicella and breastfeeding, this would not have happened. So either the mother did not vaccinate herself, did not breastfeed, or never had a natural infection. Natural infection and breastfeeding is the most effective protection against these types of situations. Also, this looks like a secondary staph infection so the mother may not have been advised on how to care for the child’s lesions.

Um, not everyone can breastfeed, nor wants to breastfeed. Dont victim blame.

The older sibling had received the vaccine and then became symptomatic. The older recently vaccinated child shed and infected the infant. The mother gave the child ibuprofen, which is contraindicated in chicken pox infections because it can cause secondary infection. She either gave them medication without proper consultation or was given poor medical advise. That isn’t clear. Had the older child not been vaccinated and the mother not given NSAIDs to the infant, the baby would not be sick. Even if the baby had contracted chicken pox from the sibling, the secondary action is what caused the severity. The baby would have had just a normal course of chicken pox without ibuprofen.

Um, “DrWessly”,

Lemme get your two points straight:

1. So, Varicella is alive and contagious even in immunized people, yet…
2. You infer that the mother “did not vaccinate herself”, ergo infecting her kid.

It seems I can’t reconcile your bogus statements.

Parents: don’t pay attention to people who call themselves “dr” on the web. Consult with a real one and vaccinate your children, for their benefit.

The ‘Dr’ was saying that if this person had been vaccinated or had acquired immunity naturally through actual infection then breastfeeding would have helped the baby.

As a side note, it looks like the baby was prescribed ibuprofen. This causes this kind of skin reaction. Ibuprofen is fairly new to the overseas market and most pediatricians may very well not know to avoid it with chicken pox.

It’s most definitely a live virus. Weakened but live. So, it can be easily spread. She either wasnt educated by her doctor or didn’t listen. Her older child shouldn’t have been around her 11month old. Besides that she let it get bad. Looks like the baby has a bacterial skin infection. Also if its around the babies eyes that’s no good. She should have went back in. Maybe she didn’t take the baby with to the older childs appointment. Maybe she didnt even take him to the appointment and dad did. Either way its kind of the parents fault. The pediatrician would have told them not to use ibuprofen knowing about the 11 month old. Thats horrible if their doctor was that negligent.

The vaccine is an “attenuated” virus, that is, weakened to reduce its virulence, thus it is NOT as easily spread as the full live virus, though it can be spread to the immune compromised. The pox shown could be either the chicken pox (my sister had a case that bad) or a concurrent staph infection, which would require a culture of the lesions to prove. It would be medically unethical to attempt to diagnose simply by the picture. The point, though, should be made that without the chicken pox already attacking the child’s immune system, the staph would not have had easy access. Vaccination often stops 2 diseases: The one vaccinated for, and the opportunistic infections that ride along with the viruses. Remember when AIDS first hit the scene, it generally was discovered because the sufferers also showed an opportunistic infection besides the HIV, like Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, CMV, and other diseases. Vaccinations protect you from more than just the one disease.

I had chicken pox, all my cousins and friends and siblings had chicken pox, it never, ever looked like this. Sorry, poor kid, but this may even be photoshopped by the forced vax crowd.
All the measles, mumps ,rubella etc were common diseases, all usually mild, never, ever heard of anyone dying of them. We ruin immunity by vaxxing so young, the body cannot even make IGg then. And far too many vaxcines are given, maybe typus, spallpox, but most unnecessary and useless, like flu. HPV especially harmfull.

Wild oregano oil diluted 20:1 is a very potent anti viral and can be taken orally or rubbed on skin to treat the shingles virus.


Chicken pox is a normal childhood illness more of a nuisance. Don’t ever give ibuprofen with chicken pox or end up like the baby in picture. This is not normal chicken pox , this the result of a medical mistake. Ibuprofen not to be given witj chicken pox. Chicken pox rides its course with itch reliever usually, …

I just want to put a note in there for everybody that reads this article and jumps on the bandwagon of some of the comments of this article. let me explain to you that just because we vaccinate our children does not mean that they do not carry that disease they came in contact with to the children or the elderly who were too young or to old to be vaccinated or in the anti-VAX case because their parents refuse to vaccinate them. all the vaccine does is either minimalize the reactions and the death sentence on the children that get a disease or it protects them.

Most anti-vaxxers are under the misconception that we Vaxxers believe it is a magic shot that wards of evil disease 100% and that we believe our children and ourselves don’t pass it on. ***WE DO NOT BELIEVE THAT** this article makes it sound like had her baby come in contact with a vaccinated kid her baby would be safe. It’s not true. we know that our children might still pass it on to the next vaccinated or not. Here’s the thing, my child (vaccinated) and Martha’s kid (not vaccinated) were playing at the park. They made a friend Jane. Jane has chicken pox( incubating still) her mom is unaware. 7 days later Martha’s kid gets chicken pox, mine doesn’t. Martha calls me and says jimmy has the pox. I say ok. I keep my kid home and call the school and dr. let them know Brooklyn came in contact with it, keep her away from her siblings for the time being. That’s how it works people!!!

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