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This Is What Your Gyno SHOULD Tell You, But Doesn’t

This Is What Your Gyno SHOULD Tell You, But Doesn’t

Most women don`t have a clue what`s really going on down below. Positioning yourself in a weird position with a mirror doesn’t help much, but most importantly it`s not about the look, it’s about behavior.  Pain during intercourse, a funky smell or a weird discharge needs to be treated ASAP. No one should be too embarrassed to seek professional help.  So let`s be honest!

1. Periods

There is nothing wrong with getting your check-up if needed during periods. It might make you uncomfortable, but if your Gyno is a professional I`m sure she/he won’t mind.  I recommend calling ahead to verify if it’s OK, every doctor and their policy.

Always, tell your Gyno if you have experienced any changes in the period flow, nothing good will come out of keeping it to yourself and continue worrying.  These changes are normal and can be stress related

2. Landscaping

You should never be self-conscious about your grooming habits, Your Gyno has seen it all and there is no need to shave down below nor  your legs.

3. Odor

A regular wash is all you need because they are used to irregular scents. To be honest, most Gynecologist have a much bigger issue with smelly feet.

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