Jessica Simpson Sparks Controversy After Sharing This Picture Of Her Daughter

Jessica Simpson Sparks Controversy After Sharing This Picture Of Her Daughter

This whole mess began when Jessica Simpson decided to share a couple of pictures on Instagram of her daughter wearing a bikini. As you can see the famous pop star posted these pictures of her 5-year-old girl posing on her little scooter along with the caption “safety first”.

Her post received mixed reactions, mostly from people criticizing the mom for her choice of swimwear.

One of her Instagram followers wrote: “She’s too young to be in a bikini, she’s five,” while another one added that it was OK “as long as she doesn’t grow up to be like her mother.”
Apparently many people accused her for sexualizing her daughter by sharing this picture on social media. Some even called her sick! On the other hand others couldn`t even see what all the fuss is about.

Beautiful!!! “She is adorable and you can post whatever you want. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel ashamed of your beautiful family and yes they are the ones with issues. They can stop following.

One person wrote that people who have a problem with this photo are actually the ones who have a problem. This is how a little girl in a swimsuit looks like and there is nothing here that suggest she`s being sexualized by her own mother.

If you follow Jessica Simpson than you know that this same debate started first in 2012 when Maxwell, her daughter, was only a little baby. Years ago, she took a photo of her daughter wearing her first bikini and showed it to Katie Couric, so we don`t believe that this “mom-shaming” thing will have to much affect on her.



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