Did You Know That Farting In Front Of Your Partner Is The Key To A Long And Healthy Relationship?

Did You Know That Farting In Front Of Your Partner Is The Key To A Long And Healthy Relationship?

Let`s face it, we are all living, breathing human beings and we all have a butthole. I know talking about buttholes is not that appealing like talking about your eyes, teeth, heart and other parts. In fact, they are the largest elephant in every single room. It has been that way since the beginning of time.

When it comes to love and romance no one wants to mix them with buttholes. When in a relationship we want a great conversation, wonderful intercourse and worthwhile interests, but we are here to tell you that the butthole is the imperative to its success.

To simplify, we are talking about embracing the fart, we all do it, women included. Besides being healthy, funny as hell and natural, farts are essential for a long and healthy relationship. Nothing says “You`re the one” like making a funny face and releasing a flow of dank hot air.

Farts Show You’re Comfortable.

It`s simple, if you are comfortable enough to fart in front of your partner, there`s nothing you can`t do in front of him. All other things fall pale in comparison and anything is possible.

Farts Show Playfulness.

When farting is a staple part of the relationship every fun couple knows there is much joy and laughter to be had. No need for watching a funny movie together.

Farts Create Inside Jokes.

It`s fun to slyly joke with each other after you embrace the fart. Just think of all those good memories you`ve created when releasing a flow of dank hot air. Only you and your partner can create and enjoy the inside jokes and that level of comfort.

Farts Show You Have Nothing To Hide.

Without honesty and transparency, there can`t be no trust and with no trust there can`t be a long and lasting relationship. Farting in front of your boyfriend makes you human and unafraid to hide anything.

Farts Are Sexy.

Just give it a thought, what can be sexier than embracing everything about your partner, yes even his farts. Sometimes the rawness makes its hot because it feels human, not in spite of it?

When you love someone, you have to be all the way in and embrace everything about that person, every flaw, irritating habit, idiosyncrasy and that includes every fart!



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