When Men Are Photoshopped From These 8 Pictures Something Very Disturbing is Revealed - BuzzFanzine

When Men Are Photoshopped From These 8 Pictures Something Very Disturbing is Revealed

When Men Are Photoshopped From These 8 Pictures Something Very Disturbing is Revealed

Sadly the world of politics is still largely dominated by man despite the efforts made for balanced workplaces.

The ELLE UK magazine decided to highlight this disproportion once again by photoshoping the men out of the pictures. The final result is a little bit disturbing because the rooms look deserted.

In my humble opinion we still got a long way to go. We would love to hear (read) what you think about the domination of man in the world of politics? But first, check out the pictures



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bush did 9/11

Please rethink how inappropriate this comment is on a feminist page regarding FEMALE participation in politics.

i’m a woman, i’m a feminist and i agree: bush did 9/11
can’t people express themselves anymore?
i also agree that this isn’t about bush or 9/11

*Hillary Did 9/11

Hillary’s emails did 9/11

Purple donuts 9/17

Look at the shape the world is in after thousands of years of being run by men. It’s sad to see what men have done to this earth.
Men started every war since history began.
In many cases women have disenfranchised themselves. Never back down from men, retain your rightful position on this earth. And remember, everyone on this earth came from a woman.

Elizabeth Bathory : British countess said to have drank blood, but documented in various places as to bathing in the blood of virgins as part of her beauty regimen. Leona Helmsley : hotel magnate’s wife who brutalized subordinates, kept (basically) slave labor at her mansion, and believed everyone to be beneath her (including the law). Queen Mary I of England : still considered diabolical and referee to to this day as Bloody Mary due to her killing thousands of Protestants. It isn’t just men. Power corrupts and it has no care what genitalia the host has or what they consider themselves to be. Mankind (male and female) is fallen. And all have come from women (though they did not accomplish the immediately preceding state all by their lonesome) … with the exception of the first pair. They were created. Adam did not come from Eve.

These atrocities perpetrated by women were in a male dominated society. These women were molded to behave like men from their earliest instruction. The world would be different if dominated by women because women would be schooled to think naturally like women and not to conform to a man’s world.

Thanks for reminding us that the world is run by an invisible man in the sky who is stalking us.

To be fair everyone on this earth came from a man and a woman. It takes two to tango.

Not technically true. See: Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

The Sagrada Familia, the Iliad, Nostromo, Stanley Kubrick’s back catalogue, the internet, underground sewers, penicillin, the ability to measure longitude, the Panama canal, gps, plumbing, the theory of relativity, the dictionary, the printing press, anesthetic….ad infinitum, ad nausea. Just look at all the terrible things men have done over the years, sigh

please rethink feminism…. if you work as hard or harder then a man you will be rewarded as such or more

There’s a reason for the phrase “women must work twice as hard as a man to get half as far”
Women do not get to the same place as a man by working just as hard and are lucky if they get just as far by working much harder. The cards are stacked against us and we CAN get farther than some men, by being extraordinary. Meanwhile, ordinary men are reaching extraordinary heights while rather exceptional women are breaking their backs just to be taken seriously. The discrimination is real and you can’t undo that by acknowledging a few successful women like look see! Think about the STATS. Look at these pictures. Are you saying most women just don’t try as hard as men and that’s why so few of us get as far? Hell nah

Wow, it looks really empty when all the men have gone…

The most tragic thing about these very impressive (and somewhat discouraging) images however is that many people still think this is “no big deal” and feminism is “redundant”.

Excellent Photoshop work!

How much work did it take to find photos that even had women in them?

Perhaps there would be more women in these positions if more women pursued these careers. If 20% of qualified applicants are women,there’s only a 20% chance that a qualified woman will acquire the position.

exactly. aiming for a society that encourages girls to become women who aren’t afraid to pursue these careers is what this whole post is about.

I like it when my husband chokes me. It’s hot and it reminds me to iron his pants.

You can't sit with us

“Want to know the reason there are more men in these pictures? Because there has never been a society that wasn’t constructed on the backs of men. It is a simple biological fact, and apparent to anyone who bothers to look around, that finding a woman digging dirt on a construct site or fixing a pothole in the street is about as common as finding an attractive feminist. It’s very simple, fatties; men built the roofs over your head, the floors under your feet, and the gyms you should be signing up for. Would anyone even notice if all the women in the US stopped showing up for their pretend jobs? Seriously, how essential to the economy are administrators, accountants, insurance fraud investigators, tax collectors, nurses, or teachers? So women should want men to be MEN, in order to drive society forward. Men invented the washing machine and the pill. Men invented the dishwasher and the car. Men invented all the labor-saving appliances that have liberated the time and energy of women. If this is a patriarchy at work, it a remarkably generous and self-destructive one.”

Behind every good man is a hard working woman

Why so nasty? Can’t you make your point, state your observations without such hostility? A few things you mention are true but no one will listen, except other social misfits.

I beg to differ let start was the dishwasher it was invented by Josephine Cochrane , window shield wipers Mary Anderson 1903, Apgar score dr. Virginia Apgar 1952 use for newborns, circular saw Tabitha Babbitt 1813,submarine telescope and lamp Sarah Mathers 1845, car heater Margaret a Wilcox 1893, fire escape Anna Connelly 1887, lift raft Maria Beasely 1882, medical syringe 1899 Lettitia Geer, modern electric refrigerator Florence Parpart 1914, wireless transmission technology Hedy Lamarr, WWII ( also a knockout by any standard, CCTV Marie Van Brittan Brown 1969, Kevlar vest Stephanie Kwolek the list goes on and on. Women do not do pretend jobs. Women do jobs that take care families. And yes I am sure there is a woman that is more then qualified to be president of the United States.

What are they complaining about? There are 84 female congressmen, 21 female senators, 3 female Supreme Court justices, six female governors, and dozens of women elected to statewide office. As if that weren’t more than enough, roughly 21% of our cities have a woman mayor.

The Democratic Party even tried to ram a female Presidential candidate down our throats and almost succeeded.

There are fewer men in office now than at any time in the last sixty years.

You should be happy and celebrate the amount of power you have taken from men in this zero-sum game. Jeeze.

Oh yes, Steve is right! What are we complaining about with this many numbers in this and that many numbers in that… Like stop all of the whinging already of nominated presidential candidates here and there coz they are completely honourable and trustworthy and representing the best interest of everyone obviously, so shut up! Politicians are the best and most honourable and anyone who speaks against them is dishonourable!!!

well……..that’s a start anyway.

In A BASIC CALL TO CONSCIOUSNESS it is said that in the hau de no sau nee, the original nations of the Iroquois people, there is a history of equality in voting for women and men concerning all decisions regarding the nation of tribes, for over 20,000 years. Let me repeat that: twenty thousand years!

I still despair for the fate of men!
All those responses show me that the man blaming, man hating bigotry is not just a flame, but a roaring furnace, and in truth, I don’t ever see it going out.
Here is the point … WOMEN ARE NOT BLOCKED BY MEN!! They are encouraged at every point…usually more by the men. In politics, if a man and a woman put themselves up for preselection, you people all know, the woman will be chosen every time. Why? Because they are scared of people like you, going on about women being held back.
The truth is they are not held back, and you all know it.
Every point of view has an anecdote to back it up…some women may say ‘i had to struggle to get my job bla bla bla’ , well that means nothing on its own. Its all the other anecdotes , where a man was not even interviewed in the first place, that also count.
Some universities even say ‘men dont bother applying’ for positions they advertise.
Imagine you are a man. You have dedicated years and years, 60 hrs plus a week in a job that you do not even like , hoping your sacrifice will allow to advance up the ladder one day.
After 20 years you have been holding on and on, grinning and bearing through your grueling hours, the only thing holding you together, is the hope of moving up. One day you are told your contribution has not been recognized. Why? Because a woman with less than half your experience and qualifications has applied for the same position. She, who has no intention of working more than 38 hours a week and expects to take 2 years off for a baby with no job penalty, has been chosen over you to fit gender quotas. She may even have been your student once upon a time, or your intern a few years ago.
Now she is your boss.
How would you feel?
I can’t even imagine how soul destroying that would be.
Also….who is recording that for the stats?
Is it even recognized?

In recent years, every time researches test for recruitment bias, the results are the same….women are invariably favoured over men, and not just a little bit. This is for stem fields as well. In fact, its a miracle that men are still represented….even more of a miracle that they still hold the majority in some fields. This is to despite a morally corrupt bias that is determined to disadvantage and blame men at every point in their lives. All men and boys ever hear about themselves is how stupid, how corrupt, how deviant, how uncommunicative, how toxic, how priveledged, how un-empathic, how uncaring, how bla bla bla.’
Just imagine you are a 5 year old boy, just about to start primary school. You have no idea you are about to be exposed to a campaign of unremitting ‘spiritual abuse’, by people you will completely trust.
Your teacher, who you will admire like a god, will lever her advantage over you, to seriously and repeatedly harm you, all while smiling and pretending to be your friend.
She will tell you over and over again that ‘you are a pathetic inferior version of the human species, and everything you do now, and will ever do, is invalid because of your illigitimate privilege’. She will make it very plain that your inferior status includes the entire moral, spiritual and intellectual realm.
As you get older, if you dispute this doctrine, then you are a bigot, and your inferiority rank, will plummet to crisis levels.
Most men do not even think about rocking that boat.

The feminist movement has a problem with selective blindness. Most men are invisible. They only see the top 1% or so, and completely ignore the rest. So what if there are ten times as many men in the top tier as women…..they are all very low numbers! So what if 1% of men earn > 200 thousand /year and only .1% of women earn the same. It still means 99% of men do not earn that, and 99.9 % of woman are in the same position. These numbers are more similar, and reflect a lot more people. These are the people the feminist should really be caring about.
I am not going to wale and moan about some woman who is only earning 3 million a year vrs 15 million a year because she is not a CEO.

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