New York Times Writer Gets Roasted For Saying Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants At The Gym

New York Times Writer Gets Roasted For Saying Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants At The Gym

No one can deny the fact that attractive people pull our attention. And when someone is hot, probably we’re going to want to check them out. How will that person react to that tangible input, it’s up to them.

If you hold yourself back from starring, you might spare the attractive individual from feeling uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many people would rather point their eyes directly at the person, making things very awkward.

Creepy gym-starers have gotten a whole new group of source material for their unwanted gazes since form-fitting yoga pants became a popular item for comfort, functionality and the ability to make one’s butt look really, really good.

And a New York Times opinion piece is absolutely done with yoga pants and the attention they “welcome” from gym creepers.

The New York Times have their opinion on the gym creepers:

The writer didn’t “buy” the idea that women must look good while working out.

So the piece came up with a call to action: women should wear baggy, unattractive sweatpants, in order to make lengthy stares a thing of the past.

But if there’s anything I have learnt from Egypt, is that some men will be scumbags regardless, even if a woman was covered head to toe with only her eyes showing. If you don’t believe me, look at this man who dressed as a woman in a normal, loose-fitting and un-revealing clothes, and was still harassed by strangers.

Of course, there were some people who were upset that the responsibility of not being crept was put on women.

And some expected better of the New York Times

The piece got accused of being contradictory by some and was roasted heavily by others.

Women who wear yoga pants pointed out that people are forgetting one huge detail: that they are very functional and are specifically made for the workout.

Yet, other social media users read the article, just to see the bad point of view made by the writer.

The piece suggests that women are being pressured to wear something to “look good”, and that’s what upset people most overall. Women have no say in the matter.

I would never wear yoga pants just to show off my bodacious butt, but then again, I’ve been to yoga class only three times in my life.


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