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These Plus-Sized Women Are Photoshopped by a Facebook Group Just to “Inspire” Them To Lose Weight

These Plus-Sized Women Are Photoshopped by a Facebook Group Just to “Inspire” Them To Lose Weight

Magazines and on-line media often use Photoshop to correct photos that have imperfections so it becomes more likeable for the public eye. The most common use is in photographs with people and they are usually done with the subject’s consent.

However, recently a group by the name of “Project Harpoon” took a lot of heat for photoshopping plus-size models in order to “inspire” them to lose weight! Furthermore their intention is to show how much more beautiful the models would look if they commit to a regimen of fitness. They manipulated photos just to highlight the difference between how they look now and how they could look in future.

On the other hand some of these images were submitted by real users just to feel motivated in achieving their goal by losing weight.

Check `em out and give us a piece of your mind in the comments below!

Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot


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This photoshopping of women that are full figured is not inspiration to lose weight. It is hateful and cruel. Beauty is unique and special. Women are not cardboard cutouts or carbon copies. Leave these ladies alone and get a life.

I just heard “whales are beautiful” .. look at them they’re all clinically obese, but ya know doctors and know nothing about general health and weight.. such uniqueness i’m dying.

I follow on Facebook Tess for about an year . She is inspiratorom to thousands of plus size ladies , beautyfull outside and inside .
Thank You TESS

Molly Carpenter

Some of these women are just thick. They are never going to have the “bone structure” imagined in these shops, no matter how skinny they get. >.<

Actually, there is no such thing as “big boned”.

Actually , yes, being “big boned” is real. One link is a website by actual doctors and another is a scientific study.

I can relate…I m.big boned too

And, there’s no such thing as skinny beauty. Fitness is a goal. The measure of how fit one is is not defined solely by weight. Beauty is shapeless.

I seriously beg to differ. I have two grown daughters– one with her father’s bone structure which is much bigger wrists, ankles, legs. My 2nd daughter is built like me, smaller wrists, tiny ankles, long narrow legs. There are definitely bigger boned people!

I prefer the “Before” image. The photoshopping is not even a realistic option for most of them. That would take extreme weight loss methods (surgery) and surgery for body sculpting.

But for some reason, we think that thin is more healthy than fat — and we poison not only our own minds with that thought, but the minds of all around. We try to condition one another to see fat as ugly and skinny as beautiful..

But the size of woman represented in some of these pictures is not healthy — that size likely has eating disorders and an equally unhealthy relationship with food.

Not cool to shame thick girls, but we shouldn’t be promoting obesity – often that’s where a thick girl ends up…dangerously fat.

This whole health thing is propaganda- probably put out by the diet companies that want you hooked endlessly on their products. I know several skinny people who are chronically ill–never had an ounce of fat. Yes being overweight can lead to some conditions, but there are just as many overweight folks who are very healthy. This whole fat shaming thing is disgusting– but it’s very real. I think it’s a way for people who are not plump to feel better about themselves–feel superior. Let’s face it our society encourages people to look down on fatties.

These women are beautiful in the before pictures. To manipulate a photo to show someone how much “more beautiful” they would be if they wanted to fit into someone else’s idea of beautiful is mean and ridiculous. In most of the photos these women have what I think is most important, confidence and a look of joy.

I can’t help but notice on pages two and three particulary, the breasts were left the same size, just the limps and waists made to look size 0.

What the Photoshoppers don’t understand or account for is that weight loss comes at a price. I’ve gone from 600+ to 300 lbs; my lowest weight was 274. However, I also have 150 lbs of loose, saggy, heavy, excess skin covering my body. You don’t end up skin and trim and “normal” looking. I still look significantly plus sized until I can have five separate plastic surgeries to remove what’s left of my old body.

This is neither healthy nor happy. I’m still stigmatised, ridiculed, and assumed to be simply fat. I didn’t have bariatric surgery, and yet I straddle a world where I am considered a traitor by my fat friends, and too fat for society. Weight loss is not a ticket to happiness. It’s a journey into itself, and it’s not as magical as those who create images such as these believe.

Its hard being fat. My body feels heavy and I get tired quickly. I think a photo like this would inspire me. It is not shaming them, its showing them how they wish they were. I don’t know one fat person who wouldn’t want to be smaller.

How dare you tell people how ‘they wish they were’. Im socialised to think thinner is better too but i wouldnt dare impose those thoughts on another. Esp some of the smaller girls here who are likely healthy in their before shots and just needlessly conformed to someone elses aesthetic preferences. And against their wishes!

Hi! I’m a happy, healthy plus size woman and I am very much in love with the body I have just the way it is. I’m sorry if you feel this way about your body but don’t lump every other woman who doesn’t fit society’s vision of beauty into your boat. I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum and I was less happy and healthy at a size 10 then I am now at a size 20.

What no one has mentioned is that almost all of the models and so called “beauty icons” portrayed in magazines have all been photoshopped. Many of them have also had plastic surgery.
We need to stop promoting “thin is good” and promote “natural is good”.

This is not inspirational. This is more fat-shaming. Those pictures say “if you weren’t such a gluttonous pig, you could look like this.” Unfortunately, the majority of average people could never look like the Photoshopped versions. I also noticed none of the “inspirational Photoshopped” images were of MEN. Do you all just believe men should be fat?

When someone has cancer and you ask them about treatment are you cancer shaming? When someone smokes and you tell them it will kill them are you smoker shaming? SORRY, being morbidly obese is NOT ok. Quit telling young women that it’s ok to be 400 pounds over weight so they don’t get the help they need. It’s PATHETIC. You are just helping them dig an early grave. OH HAY GIRL YOU LOOK FLY! OH DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE EXTRA 600 POUNDS OF FAT! SLAP SOME GLITTER ON IT!

Kevin DeLisle

Chase, I could not have said it better myself. I totally agree 100%.

Some of you seem to have missed the part about some of these ladies NOT being asked to take part in this motivational project. Someone has decided that these ladies do not fit into society, that’s not on. No, it may not be healthy to be overweight but it’s also not healthy to starve yourself to fit into someone else’s idea of beautiful and believe me some ladies will be starving themselves or even worse, eating what they like and then forcing themselves to be sick. Shaming someone into being thinner is not right.

Aaron Goldstein

While it is unethical to manipulate photos without the owner’s consent, the women in the above are still beautiful, regardless of their weight. Although this may be true, being plus sized is not healthy in any way, and can actually be a detriment to their own health.

The fact that they are calling it “Project Harpoon” shows what these people are really about…and “inspiration” isn’t it.

All these women look more beautiful the way they were before they got photoshopped.

Although there might have been some good intentions to start the project, it boils down to more body shaming and contributing more to self esteem issues that have already been created using photoshop. Photoshop created body shaming and body dissatisfaction by making people look too perfect, and causing self esteem issues to manefest even more. It’s become so mainstream that it’s in every add now, you your constantly exposed to a “better you” that you can’t obtain – because that person isn’t real, and those body proportions are not usually accurate. It’s better to encourage people to be happy with themselves and who they are than encourage them to be something their not.

Every horrible thing aside, Kelly Clarkson is *pregnant* in that photo. So they’re saying the pregnant woman isn’t skinny enough???

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