School Officials Shaved A 7-Year-Old Biracial Girl`s Head Without Her Parents’ Consent

School Officials Shaved A 7-Year-Old Biracial Girl`s Head Without Her Parents’ Consent

Her hair was deemed as unhygienic and that`s the official reason why they shaved it!

The mother of Tru, Denise Robinson, claims that the school lacks any evidence or even a simple logical explanation as to why the school decided to shave her little girl`s hair without talking to her first or with the father. She also strongly disputes the notion that there was anything unhygienic with her daughter and now she plans to sue the school.

Robinson was “very upset” with the school`s decision to cut off her daughter`s hair, which was very visible in her recent interview with NECN:

I am very upset. And I’m not going to stop being upset, because I feel like my child was assaulted and violated.

There was no hygienical reason for them to shave my child’s head. There were no head lice. There were no bed bugs. There was no what I refer to as “rasta locks” going on. ‘Her hair was two pony tails on the side on Saturday and it was braided in the ponytails and there was nothing wrong.

To make things worse, the volunteers at the school who shaved Tru`s head also made racial comments about her lock and by shaving her head they were actually doing her a favor because now her hair will grow back straight.

The volunteer informed this seven-year-old biracial child that by shaving her head, her hair would grow back straight. I find that appalling,” – said Richard Kendall, Robinson`s lawyer.

There was also a statement released by the co-ed group home for children with emotional and mental issues, Little Heroes Group Home, as why they decided to shave Tru`s hair.

Decisions regarding grooming are based on a variety of factors, including hygiene. We cannot provide any information about any individual served by the program under federal and state law. A review of the circumstances is underway to determine what occurred and, if necessary, appropriate action will be taken.

We are still waiting for a thorough explanation from Little Heroes about the decision of shaving Tru`s hair.


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