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The Most Sickening Reason Why an 8-Year-Old Yemeni Bride Died on Her “Wedding Night”

The Most Sickening Reason Why an 8-Year-Old Yemeni Bride Died on Her “Wedding Night”

Instead of playing outside, learning and enjoying in a happy childhood, 10-12 million girls in more than 90 developing countries are being married against their will.

In Yemen, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and other countries there is a high rate of marriage at an early age. Girls even under the age of 10 are literally deprived of their childhood and many of them suffer from the consequences of being married at an early age. The grooms are usually young men or middle-aged bachelors or widowers and even rapists who first abuse little girls and then claim them to be their wives.

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Please check your facts. Islam does not promote child marriages. The girl has to reach puberty and give her own consent out of free will. It’s not uncommon to find teenage brides and grooms in all religions including Christianity because that was they way to survive back then.

Islam does not forbid it. Using the so call sharia laws. They could produce fatwa to forbid it. But they dont, even at the early age. Yes other religions do it too. But currently they’re not. Do nothing about it means, you’re promoting it in passive way

Islam does promote it. They tried to make it illegal for child marriages in Bangladesh ( or Pakistan, I can’t quite remember) and they overturned that decision because leading religious figures said it was “un-Islamic”

I agree, Islam promotes such things.

Yeah…but it’s not “back then” any more, now is it? A little girl was raped and died as a result…your attempt at deflection is disgusting. You need to re-evaluate your need to offer up excuses and perhaps consider a bit of personal reflection on how you could even consider defending any religion that allows this to continue.

Reading Through

Think the Christian FLDS and Warren Jeffs.. Yes, modern Christian sects still practice this sick tradition.

Sarah Collins

You need to check your own facts, Asma. A number of Islamic clerics have said that there is no minimum age for marriage in Islam. You might want what you say to be the case but it isn’t. Many girls are married off in childhood. The journalists in this story have done their research and it isn’t fair or polite to barrack them in this way.

This is rubbish! child marriages with regards to Islam are always against the child’s will! they are always forced. woman have NO rights what so ever. Even Mohammed married a 6 year old.. its just sick!!! pedophilia eeeew

Actually he didn’t. A little research using history, who was in power, Aisha’s RA age at the time of a ruler and the year of the Prophets PBUH death you will find that she was about 19.

They are NOT talking about teenagers. They are talking about CHILDREN! How can you be so blind????

Please check YOUR facts. While not all child marriages occur in Islamic countries,so to that extent, yes it IS a wider cultural problem, girls reach puberty at 11-13 years of age, at which point Sharai law allows them to be married. Thats still child marriage and it’s still dangerous. As for consent… you must be joking, right. In make dominated sicieties where people are poor and money/property changes hands to facilirate marriage the girls have no say. Again, a wider problem than just Islamic countries… but if it werent legal and encouraged under Sharai, it wouldnt be a problem is any Islamic country. It is a problem and a very difficukt one to address, since this dangerous behaviour was approved, practiced and promoted by your prophet.

we can not teach shriah to the sharia maker just like christian. My question, if a person says that I do not accept any relegion, all relegion are false, he is caught in this statement,, the word false is the opposite of word true, so he is caugh. Now the next question is which relegion is true according to the specified standard., that his headache to find it out. Ultimately he will reach Islam.,cbcz no other relegion books are without change, amendments.

Conscious Awareness

God has no religion. Religion is man-made. Only the ignorant will choose a ‘traditional’ archaic religion, because he is unevolved in his limited thinking, and waves ‘his religion’ around to prove his piousness to everyone, but God.
Those who seek the ultimate truth do not need a book to tell them WHO they are and how to be a better human.
Silent meditation leads to expansive states of consciousness, Self Realisation and God Consciousness.
I AM God, and I am You, and everything, and nothing.
Read Rumi, if you want an understanding of true Enlightenment.

Check your own facts. Islam does not only promote this it demands the right to it by many imams. Sick pedofile religion from the ape that started it.

Really AsmA?? Has to reach puberty? All under 18 are considered to be children!! And it really does not matter if the girl is 8, 12 or 14. It is just as sick!! And yes it happens a lot also with muslims.

Islam is a pig of a religion that has contributed nothing to civilisation of the last thousand years and has been responsible for untold misery, hardship, torture and death in the world, particularly for women, LGTBI people and non-muslims. The sooner Islam becomes extinct, the better.

ARUNASHISH chatterjee

Very well said Steven.

Yes, islam does promote child marriages. I’ve read the Koran, i know what’s in it. I’ve listened to clerics with millions of followers, i know what they say. And as long as this religion values a woman only for her hymen, child marriages will be a problem.

Islam most certainly does promote child rape. Don’t try to pull that innocent crap cuz everywhere i look Muslim stuff talks about how it’s their law to take a “young woman” once she reaches puberty but they try to leave out that they consider very young girls to be young women if they see ONE sign of puberty. I’ve heard many Muslims say that it doesn’t matter her age, she could be nine yrs old and considered reached puberty, which means she’s legal to them. And please don’t think people are dumb enough to buy into your deflecting focus to Christianity… Christians​ married quite young thousands of years ago when life expectancy was super short…but they were BOTH young and didnt go after little baby girls like sick muslims do. Don’t try to compare Christianity or any religion to islam cuz islam will always be the sickest and most disgusting

Get your facts straight before saying such horrible crimes are promoted by Islam. Many islamic laws that protect women’s rights are overlooked in those “islamic” countries that practice child marriage, so it has to do with the government and society, not the religion.

If that’s the case them why is this kind of thing going on in england, we and our goverment do not believe in this but it still happens due to religious reasons

Debashree Chakraborty

The people of those countries who believe in such kind of nonsense thing are really mentally sick…..can’t tolerate this type of barbarism in today’s world.

Sheila A. Donovan

On the same page that you decry child brides, you have an post The #1 reason men pull away (the biggest mistake women make that kills a man’s attraction.) Seriously?

I think it’s based on your browsing history? I have an ad about studying to be a counsellor and an ad for sultana bran.

Haha! I have 2 adds for “Mudd runs” it’s totally based on your search history!

ioana anagnos

“rapists who first abuse little girl and then claim them to be their wives”.. this is the exact same experience i endured living in a 1st world country as a daughter of a migrant family in school in Australia. I fled the country to avoid my abuser, but he had teamed up with fellow racists to keep me from leaving or even attaining an education i was entitled to ..because of my rejection, to the point of forcing me into human trafficking which left me with psychiatric conditions.i am now living outside this continent and i believe , at least this kind of draconian and inhumanity towards women can never be isolated to 3rd world countries..Westerners from inferior caste have the same depravity bred into them from corrupt laws in any society. It seems a shame that only these offenses are ever uncovered.

Awful funny, it’s Islamic countries where this filth is happening. Why don’t you just admit that Patriarchal religions are monstrous child rape cults?

“Patriarchal religions” did you mean Christianity?
Cause this shit isnt just happening in “Islamic Countries” and to blame it on Islam is not only completely incorrect but also extraordinarily ignorant

It’s not incorrect it’s a known fact that islam practice forced marriage more than any other religion. The decent people who follow this religion just don’t want to believe it. But the facts are there. I’m not saying everyone who is a muslin is all for this practice,,but there are a hell of a lot thete is. There was over 9000 calls in england alone last yesr regarding forced marriage, all of which were muslims, and I’m sure there’s a lot more who have just accepted this as the culture they were born into. Didn’t mohammed marry a child bride??

Awfully funny how a Christian-centric nation is the country with the highest gun violence. Why wont you just admit that all Christians are mass murderers?

If the prophet Muhammed married a child at 6years of age and then cosmated the marriage when she was 9years old then I dont understand how Muslims can say that Islam does not promote child marriage

Jean-Yves Salve

Actually he didn’t. A little research using history, who was in power, Aisha’s RA age at the time of a ruler and the year of the Prophets PBUH death you will find that she was about 19.

Thank God atleast someone has the right knowledge

A child died. Died. She was eight years old and was raped and died. That is the most important fact about that. She is dead. Religión and gods don’t matter. A child was killed.

Sarah Collins

That’s the point, and all the justification and argument from Muslims on here doesn’t alter the fact that this child was married off at 8 years old and died of sexual injury! No crime was committed. Many Muslim clerics have said that there is no minimum age for marriage – women’s rights where they have existed in the past are under threat in all majority Muslim countries from Islamists who want to abolish progressive legislation! The situation is getting worse, not better.

Thank you Alex!

Fighting child marriage is not figthing Islam or we may never solve this problem! In many muslim countries, child marriage are forbidden! The marriage of the prophet Muhammed and Aïcha at the age of seven would violate the clause of maturity and other requirements of the Coran. And in regard to many historical facts, the story of the marriage of immature Aïcha at the age of seven is a myth. The fact was only reported by ibn Hisham when he was old and lived in Irak far from Medine. This fact is based on one testimony and was never verified by at least 2 others testomies as the religion recommends. Denigrate a religion will just Increase the mistrust and the hatred. The urgent need is to educate people through science, History, citizenship,.. and all have to condamn child marriage from the governments to civil societies including religious autorities.

The problem is not just third world countries or even with in the religions, the problem lies with the men of our world who believe that a woman’s value is less than that of a man therefore she can be treated as property. This is in belief that has been indoctrinated into many cultures through many patriarchal religions and enforced through government policies and societal behaviors. The woman is the minority so her voice, rights and freedoms do not matter, even in first world so called developed nations. The burden of proof and responsibility of rape is still placed on the women right up until the past minute. Developed nations are really not so different in their cultures, they are just more secretive and confusing about it.

This tends to happen in extremist situations. I’ve seen it in Mormon sects, as well but no one is decrying the depravity of Mormon Christians. … it is a huge problem that women and girls the world over regardless of religion.

Quit using religion as a reason to bust balls, Islamic nations are not the problem, the problem lies in a justice system that cherry picks a religious text for rules without allowing the citizens a right to a voice. This is not because of Islam, this is not because of any one thing: this is a multitude of issues that have all been swept under the rug because ignorant America, surprise surprise, wants to correct people, slamming about a religion that they don’t practice, sinning out of every orifice before the even finish typing. Institutionalized oppression of women and children is common in the Eastern and Middle Eastern world. It’s common in West.


Aren’t the parents the ones that approved and arranged this? They are to blame for this as well.

Openminded One

I think it is horrible the way this young child, who wasn’t even old enough to know a lot about the World, was married off and then died. There are a lot of good points from all opinions about this Tragedy, andeveryone is entitled to their opinions, but clear all of your minds and use yor God given brains. I have always been told that things in life happen for a readon, we may not like these readons or we may not agree with them, but Stop and Think, doesn’t God have a plan fir everything on this Earth? From the tiniest Organism to the largest living Creature, everything has it’s time here on Earth before it is to be called home. Yes what happened to this little girl, was horrendous and sick, but think not of What hppened to her, think of Where she is now, she is Safely in the arms of an Angel,vwho will watch over the rest of this little girls family, til they each in turn join her.

Believing there is a God, doesn’t stop the suffering here on earth by men who wrote the holy scriptures. God did not write the holy books, men did. Once women realize and accept that these were written by men for their own sexual pleasures then some change can be done. Women who believe in these holy books are brain washed. How can the mothers of these daughters stand by and let their little girl be raped by a pig with no other intention than raping a child legally. It’s sick. For all you dirty old men out there, one day you will get your payback and if you believe in heaven and hell then you know where you are going, its surely not UP. Men who have a conscience wouldn’t indulge in this sick ritual. There are more selfish horny pigs out there than there are righteous men. Men who think this is sick should be speaking up, set an example for generations to come that this isn’t acceptable. Those who ignore it and think it’s wrong, I hope you don’t have daughters because every one in 3 females are raped. How would you feel if it was your daughter? With that said, for every male out there, every one in 2 have engaged in sex with out consent or paid for it taking advantage of some poor child in the sex trade. Also the sex trade is now surpassing the drug trade. It’s way out of control. Over 1 million females go missing a year. An ignored genocide.

Thank You. Could not say this better.

Unfortunately, a very ancient tradition in an entire region including ‘In Yemen, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and other countries…’

What a spectacular selection of nations!

the moslem reader should stop replying on such articles. They are bias,cause all in their head are ” I gotta defend ISLAM”

Islam does not say anything against it but in Islam, once a girl becomes a woman, it’s deemed agreeable to marry her off. It’s not necessary. Marriage, actually, is not a must in Islam. It’s deemed as a good act. Moreover, Islam has laws. Youre not supposed to rape your wife, you’re supposed to treat her well. The Prophet married his wife when she was very young yet for years he treated her as a child and daughter, not wife. Once she was old enough, he treated her as his lawful wife. It’s not marriage that’s the problem. It’s rape. And marriage or no marriage, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity or Atheism, it’s happening everywhere.

Actually, islam forbids such thing! If you go back to the true sayings of the prophet peace be upon him you will find that the condition of allowing young marriage is that she can handle sex otherwise it is a sin to let her marry plus the marriage isn’t allowed if the girl herself did not agree! I am a muslim and if a girl can’t handle sex or do not want or accept the marriage then there is no marriage in my religion

Trac, 100% agree. It was all written by men & enforced by man. All religioun is self-serving to men and abusive to women. Show me a religion that promotes equality and enforces it. Mans inpretation of a “women should stand by a man side & be his helper” DOES NOT mean slave. Religion is good and provides a moral compass but consuming the whole glass of Koolaid is detrimental to women.

I’m not supporting child marriage, but don’t blame it all on Islam. Just because some people do that shit doesn’t mean it’s the religion that says so. Also, when talking about sex, the majority of Christian girls lose virginity before the age of 15. It’s horrible for every girl that has to go through that before they’re 15 or older.

First of all, dont get into unnecesarry religious battles! Dont judge a religion on the basis of people that follow it! If something is not prohibited it most certainely does not mean its being promoted! Prophet SAW married Aisha, who was well beyond her age of puberty, besides, people matried young at that time! Pophets first wife was a 40 year old and most of his wives were either divirced or troubled and except Aisha no-one was a virgin! So instead of shitting around here, please get your facts right! Once again, dont judge a religion by superficial knowledge and baseless facts!

Men are a goddamned disease.

This is an important topic and I do not want to detract from that.

However, it would be refreshing if authors of articles like these could develop the skill to separate fact from opinion and use resources and actual facts to support their arguments. Articles like this always shock me because the authors seem to be okay with publishing very badly written (this one isn’t too poorly written) or badly supported opinion pieces permanently, and despite the poor quality of the piece, readers feel compelled to comment and argue for/against the poorly made arguments of the author.

As for the comments about Islam promoting child marriage: please watch the documentary Sonita. Islam is not the perpetrator, it is tradition in certain countries and the prevalence of traditional marriage practices combined with the historical patriarchy of our world. (Saying Islam promotes child marriage is like saying southern U.S. Christians promote racism and rape culture)

Actually different cultures promote it. and the defination of different practices is modified or refrased acvording to religious perspectives.
Islam promotes will of a female as a primary element of marriage and a girl of 8 years who dont know the meaning of marriage is not able to provide consent . It is a malpractice like other activities are being performed in the name of Islam.
However such type of actuvities should be clearly abolished as an unsult of humanity.


The quran starts with “thou you disbeliever thou wrath upon you” chaste mojito for believer, the high commander in cheif of religion was not a saint but a cult, retarded man with lust and repressive ideas which he cultured in middle east, with this disgrace your shit Quran and hadith is being forced to nation, so my dear moslems not just recite Satanic Quran and cherry pick verses with quality of life, also showcase the discrimination and hatred you cultivate who leave or have different ideologies ! Wake up backward people wake up


For those that blame the Islamic religion for this are very small minded, so yes, there are Islamic people who support child marriage and use the Islamic text to support this and there are those in positions of power who do the same, but to blame the religion itself for child marriage is completely out of order. There are cruel and terrible people all over the world who ‘follow’ all kinds of belief systems and religions. Terrible people often use religion as a shield to justify their actions because religion is such a complex subject but that doesn’t mean that the religion itself is bad, if you look at almost every religion and/or belief system the main message always tends towards leading a life of honesty and love and acceptance, respecting your fellow man and animal, not abuse or rape. Many religious texts contain examples of rape and abuse and murder shown in good and bad light, but the main messages of most religions is love. So don’t blame the Islamic religion or Islamic people for child marriage or anything else that happens in their countries, because it is not their fault, And eventhough remaining quiet does help to enable the evil, it does not make them evil, it just makes them human.

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